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Hedley Studios welcomes Royal visitors to its state-of-the-art Bicester Headquarters

Hedley Studios welcomes Royal visitors to its state-of-the-art Bicester Headquarters.

• Hedley Studios recently welcomed HRH Prince Michael of Kent to its Bicester Heritage headquarters
• VIP guests also included Fritz Burkard, owner of the prestigious and renowned Pearl Collection. The visiting party was given an exclusive tour of the facility, before test driving The Little Car Company’s line-up of scaled, electric icons
• Hosted by Hedley Studio’s Founder and CEO, Ben Hedley, the guests were also introduced to a number of neighbouring business on the Bicester Heritage site
• Media assets can be found here: https://bit.ly/TLCC_Royal_Visit

Wednesday 1st May 2024, Bicester Heritage, UK: Hedley Studios, craftsmen of limited edition scaled electric vehicles in partnership with the world’s foremost car brands, recently welcomed HRH Prince Michael of Kent and a number of esteemed guests for an exclusive visit and tour of its Bicester Heritage headquarters.

The party of guests, which also included owner of the Pearl Collection, Fritz Burkard, were given behind-the-scenes access to Hedley Studios, seeing first-hand the expert craftsmanship and precision engineering that goes into each of the brand’s scaled, electrified icons. The guests were able to speak with the talented team of expert technicians who hand-build each car to the client’s specification, as well as the engineering team who meticulously design each car to the highest of standards, giving them a fascinating insight into the process behind the cars’ manufacturing. The visitors also met some of The Little Car Company’s placement students, who are combining their studies with practical, hands-on experience before they embark on their careers.

Hosted by Hedley Studios Founder and CEO, Ben Hedley, the guests were then given the chance to enjoy the cars first-hand with an immersive test drive experience. Ferrari Testa Rossa J, Aston Martin DB5 Junior, Bugatti Baby II and the Tamiya Wild One Max, were all put through their paces by the guests on the Bicester Heritage test track facility.

As well as being immersed in all aspects of Hedley Studios, the VIP guests were also introduced to a number of the neighbouring businesses based at the Bicester Heritage site. A hub of British automotive excellence, Bicester Heritage is home to over 50 specialists, and the visiting party met a number of the teams based there, as well as learning about the special history of Bicester Heritage, and its exciting growth plans.

On the day, the guests also visited:

• Motorsport UK
• Zero Petroleum
• Wriggly Monkey
• Bicester Motion
• Mission Motorsport
• Kingsbury Racing
• Sky Wave Gin
• McLaren Extreme E
• Heritage Skills Academy

Ben Hedley, Founder and CEO of Hedley Studios, said: “All of us here at Hedley Studios were delighted to host HRH Prince Michael of Kent and this illustrious party of guests at our headquarters, and it was great to see them engage so enthusiastically with our brand. We were pleased to show His Royal Highness, a well-known automotive enthusiast, around our studio and give him and his fellow guests an insight into how our team of experts craft our bespoke and unique line-up of cars. It was also particularly enjoyable to see them truly experience our cars during their test drives on track.

“Our headquarters is based at one of the UK’s leading automotive sites, Bicester Heritage, and we were pleased to introduce our guests to some of our neighbouring businesses. Bicester Heritage is home to some of the country’s leading and most innovative automotive specialists, and it was great to be able to share this experience with some of them, highlighting the amazing work that they are doing.”

Dan Geoghegan, Chief Executive Officer of Bicester Motion, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome HRH Prince Michael of Kent whose reputation as a keen motorist and supporter of our industry is well established. As Bicester Motion plays its role in shaping the future of all aspects of mobility, including its heritage, we were thrilled to receive the Prince’s interest in visiting the fifty specialist businesses here.”

Guests also included Mansour Timur Askar, James Ogilvy, Beatrice Brown-Burkard and Lady Northampton.